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Notice: 12/2/2005: We're in the process of moving, so we're not making looms right now...if you'd like to reserve a loom or other weaving accessory, please email your request to us by clicking here and we'll let you know when we have looms again.

The Paperback Loom measures approximately 7" tall, 5-1/2" wide and 1-1/2" tall. It's made of hand- finished red oak or ash and weighs less than 1 pound. Unlike other hand-held pocket-sized looms, the Paperback Loom lifts the workpiece off the back of the loom allowing access to the back of the work. It's light, easily portable and yet amazingly versatile for its size. Use it to make mug rugs, mini- tapestries, samplers, small Navajo-style work, whatever your imagination allows. It's ideal for piecework goods. Experienced weavers with larger looms will find it especially handy to weave small test swatches to check their pattern, yarn, etc. The Paperback loom is available in 8, 10 and 12 dent (teeth per inch) models. As shown in the small picture below, the teeth are recessed from the end of the loom. This protects the warp ends from being snagged, making it easy to carry the Paperback Loom with you wherever you go. Each loom comes with a 8" handmade wooden needle and instructions. Looms are $20 each. Extra wooden needles are $2. To pay by check or money order, email us for payment information.

Tornadowood's 4 Dent Paperback Loom

Loom teeth are recessed, protecting warp ends warp ends from damage, dislodging (side view shown).