July 26, 2005

Shipping Soon!

We're going to be starting shipping loom back orders soon... the Big Stick orders will go out this week... next week, the mini-Stick, Little stick & SOME of the hockey stick orders will start shipping... we ran out of oak in the hockey stick size so may not have all the Hockey stick looms ready...

Today we oiled one of the Big stick looms & one of the Hockey stick looms and several Little stick looms, as well as shuttles... then we'll be making a few paperback & bookmark looms and then back to s'more inkles including some in special woods...

I should be able to get a photo of the special looms we currently have in the next few days..

Also will be ordering some Jaggerspun Laps next week... email me if you want to be in on this order!

Have a good week... stay cool!

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July 20, 2005

Loom updates

We've got 2 special looms (still in progress, but almost ready) that don't have names on them yet... both of them need holes drilled and we'll be drilling them at the end of this week... if you'd like a left handed loom...both looms are First Come First Served & should be ready to ship in about 1 or 2 weeks:

Update: both of these looms are now right handed...

1: Zebrawood Hockey Stick for $70, plus shipping... beautiful, interesting striping patterns!

2:Quarter sawn red oak Big Stick inkle loom, $90, plus shipping.

We'll be drilling the holes later this week or over the weekend...

As far as any regular mini-Stick or Little Stick inkle looms beyond the ones to fill our back orders, we will have some, but I don't know how many yet... if you're interested in one of these, ASK! Email us here.

Cottage Creations patterns: We have a few of those available on the Weaving Rainbow website...

The link for tornadowood.com is currently broken... use http://tornadowood.us

Have a great week, everyone!

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July 16, 2005

progress: slowly but surely!

We've been working on finishing up the back orders for the looms & Gary & I go to the shop together every time... we don't go every day, but when we do go, we go early in the morning around 6 or 7 am (no a/c in the shop) and stay until the sun starts hitting the building...usually not much later than 9ish unless it's overcast or rainy... little by little we're getting the looms done & we'll probably have a couple of extras...

When Gary works with the power tools, I'm like RIGHT behind him or next to him, especially when he works with the table saw ...and I've been doing the holes for the looms & slowly but surely looms are getting finished.

Once we get to a certain point, we'll put the oil finish on all of the looms & then start shipping... oh yeah, and printing instructions!

SO who is reading the new Harry Potter book? I picked up ours today...that was the MAIN point of my trip to town today, along with dowels for the looms & food... I don't get to read the book first, Gary does & then I'm not sure whether Harrison or Evan will get to read it next. I've got a couple of knitting-related novels that I am borrowing from a friend & want to read them before I get to the Harry Potter book so I can mail it on to the next person who wants to read the books.

I thought I would get to dye some yarn this weekend, but my yarn did not arrive today...I guess it will get here on Monday...

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July 09, 2005

slow & steady wins the race

We may not be spending a lot of time in the shop each day, but we're making decent progress on them! I love watching all the steps come together!

We have several looms in progress right now.. there's several steps: planing, cutting, assembling, sanding and gluing (not necessarily all in that order) before we get to the point of applying oil finishes...

Hopefully by mid-week we'll be able to apply the oil finishes...this step isn't something we want to do while there's sanding or cutting going on...

If anyone wants Rogue kits, I should be getting a new batch of Rogue patterns in pretty soon. I have not been advertising these on the lists because I was not sure when they would be here...

I'm almost out of the sock yarns, have some red, pink & blue and red pink peach and blue left. If anyone wants some, get in touch with me...

Also, I hope everyone is okay after the horrible explosions in London on Thursday! What a world we live in....



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July 01, 2005

Adventures in the wood shop

Well, we've been making looms again! At the moment, the goal is to finish all the back ordered looms and to make looms for those who we've promised looms for (or who've asked about them), and maybe a few others...beyond that remains to be seen.

If you've ordered a loom and have not heard back from us, please email us so that I can check our PayPal/email records for your order. Some of you use a different email address for PayPal than for your every day mail, so be sure to let me know if you've not heard from me (or check your other email account!)

Gary's been having problems with vertigo & it is not safe for him to work in the shop alone, but he does well with me there, and I'm learning a lot & we're having fun. Gary said that the real learning will come when we start cutting stuff out...

This week, we worked on finishing up a bunch of Big Stick, Little Stick & Mini Stick looms that had been started before Gary's problems began. These should start shipping out sometime next week after the holiday. Tomorrow we'll start cutting out the pieces we need for more Big Stick, Hockey Stick, Little Stick, paperback & bookmark looms.

What have I learned to do: I learned how to use the drill press & drilled some the holes for your looms (littles & minis). I learned that you do the holes last, AFTER cutting out the tension slots! The reason for that is this is the point where the looms are MOST likely to get screwed up...

We go early in the morning, around 6... shortly after it starts getting light and we stay until the heat starts getting uncomfortable...

Well, must cut this short: a front just came through & it's starting to thunder! We're FINALLY forecast some much needed rain.


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