December 21, 2004

About Comments & back orders & looms in stock

Well, I just went through the Newsletters & found SEVERAL spam comments. I deleted them all & in the process may have deleted some comments that shouldn't have been deleted. If yours was one of those, I apologize... but I didn't want to go through each and every comment to see whether or not it was about some drug someone wanted us to buy or some casino or something like that...

If you left a comment and it's gone and it's related to what this newsletter is all about, feel free to repost.

Mini-stick looms: we've got a bunch of them & if you'd like one, go ahead & order...they're ready to go... we also have several weaving sticks. We're still backed up on hockey stick and big stick orders, so if you've ordered one, thank you for your patience.

Pattern booklets: I've got a bunch and a few new ones have come in... I'll tell you about them later on this week...they're Patons booklets...including From Head to Toe (not the same as the White buffalo booklet "Heads to Toes" or something like that)...

Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!


Jessica & Gary

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