July 18, 2004

Pre-warped Inkle Looms

When you buy an inkle loom from us, you have the option of choosing a loom already warped, with 2 or 3 inches of weaving started and a loaded shuttle, ready to weave. These are great for new weavers, or people who haven't used an inkle loom before. A pre-warped loom gives you the chance to start weaving when your loom arrives... no need to warp, it's all ready to go...then after you've had some time to weave & get acquainted with the loom and have finished your first project, you can then sit down with the instructions and warp up your own band.

The pre-warped looms also show you how I warp the loom...there ARE other ways, some people will do their heddles differently from the way I do them...so look in other inkle weaving instruction books to see other ways to set up the heddles, etc...also, I use quality mercerized cotton yarn, usually Silk City or UKI.

If you've received a pre-warped inkle from us, I would love to have some feedback on yours:

1: did you have enough weaving yarn to complete your band?
2: did you find having a pre-warped loom helpful?
3: did you like the warp colors?
4: any other thoughts on the pre-warped looms?

I mainly do stripes for these pre-warps: stripes are quick and easy to do.

At the moment, we only have order buttons for the mini-Stick, Little Stick and Bronto looms...if you're ordering a larger loom and would like it pre-warped, don't hesitate to ask!

Left Handed Looms

I'd also like feedback from people who have ordered left handed looms & would like to know if you think having the pegs on the other side makes a difference. Gary is left handed but prefers to use a right handed loom because he's used to it. My 2 youngest sons are left handed, but neither of them have done any inkle weaving, I may ask Gary to fix one up for our almost 7 year old for his birthday and see if that makes a difference or not to him. Our 7 year old is actually a bit ambidextrous: he throws a ball with his right hand... and does other things with his right hand, so he might actually prefer to weave on a right handed loom, who knows! I'll let him try mine and see what happens...

Click here to write to us about your loom, your pre-warp, or musings about the universe!

That's enough for today, folks! Enjoy!

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July 04, 2004

Inkling book & Extra Long Paperback looms

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Newly revised & reprinted inkle weaving book

Since last month, we have some new things going on: I found out that Diane Bachman, the author of Weaving in an Inkling, a WONDERFUL little inkle weaving instruction/pattern book, has revised and reprinted her book. It's sturdier than the first edition and the print is much easier to read.

The explanations are VERY clear and the pattern designs are a lot of fun. This has been my favorite book since I started inkle weaving. My first copy has pretty much fallen apart. It would be a wonderful companion to any inkle loom that you have.

We will be getting a few copies in about a week and will be selling them on both the Tornadowood and Weaving Rainbow websites. It will be $10 plus shipping.

You can reserve your copy now by clicking here to go directly to the order page.

Extra Long Paperback Looms

Gary has also been making a limited edition of extra long paperback looms. They are about 5-1/2" wide by 8" long: this is the same width as the regular paperback looms and the same length as the bookmark looms. It is $24 plus shipping. Email us if you're interested in getting one.


I still have a few skeins of the handpainted yarn in the melon color scheme. I hope to be doing some more color combinations in the future, but may wait until after it cools down a bit as I like to do dyeing work outside.

There is still some White Buffalo yarn left at the warehouse. I'm offering it for $7.50 per cake...order yours now, when it's gone, it's gone!

The discontinued Patons Anna yarn is still available at the warehouse. It's a lovely chunky thick and thin yarn and is 97% wool and 3% nylon.

The rug hooking pattern will be on the website soon, hopefully this week. I've been playing around with ideas for some new patterns as well.

Have a safe & wonderful holiday!

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