August 13, 2005

Ready to go Kits

First come, first served:

I can put together several kits with the following patterns & yarn:

Briggs & Little Heritage in Light Blue (8 or 9 skeins available)
Briggs & Little Heritage in Green Heather (8 or 9 skeins available)

Briggs & Little Heritage in single skeins:

Pink (looks more like salmon)

For the Wonderful Wallaby pattern, you would need:

3 skeins for the smallest size (size 2 toddler) to 6 skeins of children's size 12 and 5 skeins for the smallest adult size (31" chest) and 10 skeins for the adult super size (48" chest)

For the Cottage Creations Scandanavian Cardigan

3 skeins for smallest size (size 2 toddler) to 7 skeins for largest size (extra large adult) in the main color
and 3 contrasting colors (you'd need about 1/2 skein of each, but perhaps you could make a matching hat with an extra skein of the main color)

For the Rambling Rows jacket

3 colors (1 skein each) for the smallest size and 6 skeins main color & 2 skeins of 2 contrasting colors for the largst adult size (plus you would need one more skein of any one of these 3 colors for the bands)

Babies & Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups

6 skeins of yarn for the smallest size (36" chest) and 8 skeins of yarn for extra large (48").. (note: this pattern goes up to XXL and calls for 9 skeins of yarn... 8 would not be enough for the XXL...)

To see the yarns, go to the Weaving Rainbow website and click on patterns to see the Cottage Creations booklets and click on Kits to see the Rogue patterns & click on Yarns to see the Briggs & Little Heritage colors...

If you want the Rogue kit or a Cottage Creations kit with one of the above colors, email me by clicking here

Shipping is additional

The Rogue Kits
Small Size (35.5"):6 skeins of yarn cost US$29.50
Medium Size (39"):7 skeins yarn costUS$32.80
Large & Extra Large: 8 skeins yarn, cost US$36.10
X-LargeExtraSkein US$39.40 XL plus an extra skein (9 Skeins)

Cottage Creation Kits cost $3.40/skein plus $5 for the pattern


We're still working on looms and most (if not all) of the inkle looms are nearing completion or ready to go... and next week we hope to start working on the paperback & bookmark looms. We will have pictures of some of the looms in a few days! We're working on some Quarter-sawn oak Little Stick looms & some Zebra wood Little stick looms...

Have a nice weekend!

Posted by Jessica at August 13, 2005 08:04 PM