July 16, 2005

progress: slowly but surely!

We've been working on finishing up the back orders for the looms & Gary & I go to the shop together every time... we don't go every day, but when we do go, we go early in the morning around 6 or 7 am (no a/c in the shop) and stay until the sun starts hitting the building...usually not much later than 9ish unless it's overcast or rainy... little by little we're getting the looms done & we'll probably have a couple of extras...

When Gary works with the power tools, I'm like RIGHT behind him or next to him, especially when he works with the table saw ...and I've been doing the holes for the looms & slowly but surely looms are getting finished.

Once we get to a certain point, we'll put the oil finish on all of the looms & then start shipping... oh yeah, and printing instructions!

SO who is reading the new Harry Potter book? I picked up ours today...that was the MAIN point of my trip to town today, along with dowels for the looms & food... I don't get to read the book first, Gary does & then I'm not sure whether Harrison or Evan will get to read it next. I've got a couple of knitting-related novels that I am borrowing from a friend & want to read them before I get to the Harry Potter book so I can mail it on to the next person who wants to read the books.

I thought I would get to dye some yarn this weekend, but my yarn did not arrive today...I guess it will get here on Monday...

Posted by Jessica at July 16, 2005 04:44 PM