November 16, 2004

New Handpainted Yarns!

We finally took pictures of some of the new handpainted yarns... check out and click on "yarns" "WR Handpainted Yarns" to see them... here's some pictures of the bulky yarns.

I'm going to be making a shawl or ruana with them on the triangle loom. This yarn would be great for knitting as well. If anyone would like a skein or batch of bulky yarns, let me know!

chunky1.jpg chunky2.jpg chunky3-4.jpg
Be forewarned that our digital camera STINKS...the colors are not very accurate, but you can get a general idea of what the yarns look like and the basic color scheme... the way the maroons/magentas show in the photos, aren't accurate, they're actually darker & some are more reddish...and the blues are darker more slate-like blues. When we get some sunnier weather, I'll try taking some new photos. According to the weather forecast, perhaps this weekend? Meanwhile, you can email me for better descriptions of individual skeins (including several that I have not posted)...

I sent a few shawls to a gallery in upstate NY... here is a picture of one of them:


That's our dog Opus in the background: he's half Catahoula Leopard dog and half Laborador... looks like he's wearing a ripped black sweater, doesn't it?

Posted by Jessica at November 16, 2004 09:41 AM