August 13, 2004

Computer was down all week

Well, the computer was down all week and after trying different things, GARY finally got it working... first I bought a used 10 gig hard drive on Tuesday, and that only got it running marginally... Gary did a bunch of stuff including re-installing windows and this afternoon picked up a new modem and now at least we can get online... so if anyone tried emailing any of us about anything you wanted to order, try again! I don't THINK we lost any email in the process, but if you wrote & have not heard back from us, PLEASE write again!

I don't know how much work we'll be able to do on the websites for the next few days, I'm sure Gary is still going to want to struggle with the system (maybe he should wait until Mercury is totally out of retrograde??) but if there is something on either Weaving Rainbow or Tornadowood that you want & you can't order it, click on one of the email links... I know the Kertzer scarf kit link is not working properly, so if you want one of those, please let me know!

If anyone has been wondering "what ever happened to that rug hooking pattern?" well... I had wanted to do a painting or color drawing of the design to go along with the pattern but I found out that I need a LITTTTTTTTTTLE bit more practice in either colored pencil or/and painting... the color drawing I did looked more like something a 2nd or 3rd grader could have done... so unless I hook the pattern or come out with a good color version, I'm going to wait before making my rug hooking pattern available for sale.. if you'd like Cat Looking Out Window on Monk's cloth in the 15" by 20" size, email me & I'll fix one up for you...

Posted by Jessica at August 13, 2004 09:09 PM