August 08, 2004

New Kits & Jaggerspun Specials

Fiber Trends & Kertzer Yarn kits

There is a LOT of information here... please email me for more information about any of the products below! Click more at the bottom of the entry to see the photos!

Some of these are already on the website. If they are not, and you're interested in one of these kits, please email me for more details. Shipping additional.

1. Cat Afghan kits with Naturally Naturelle Aran, Cafe', Mohair Plus & Woodland $150.

2. Sheep Afghan Kits with Naturally Tussock Chunky and Naturelle Chunky $150

3. Fibertrends Girl Talk Felted Hats:

a: Kertzer's Fizz & Naturally Tussock for $20 for size small, $29 for the large size
b: Kertzer's Multi Fizz and Naturally Tussock...for $23 for the small size and $32 for the large size

4: Fibertrends Hat: Kertzers Fizz & Naturally Tussock for $27

5: Fibertrends Muff Kerter's Fizz & Naturally Tussock for $22

6: a: Fibertrends Uptown Totes: Kertzerz Fizz & Naturally TUssock: $54
b: Fibertrends Uptown Totes: Kertzers Multi Fizz & Naturally tussock:$59

7: Julias Throws $129

8: Scarf kit with Kertzer's Fizz & Kitty: $20

9: Twilley's Knitted Cushion kits with 100% cotton yarn: $19
10: Twilley's Knitted Cushion Kits with 100% nylon yarn: $30

Click "more" at the bottom of this entry for details about the yarns!

Bamboo Knitting Needles

I can get bamboo needles, and will have more information about them soon. Let me know what size you're interested in and whether you want straights, double pointed (5 pcs, 6" or 8") or circulars (40 cm, (16") 60 cm (24") and 80cm (32"))...

The DPNs are available starting at 2mm (US 0) through 6.5mm (10-1/2),
The single points are available in 2.25mm (1 US) all the way through 20mm (35 US!!)

The circulars are available starting at 3mm to 12mm (17 US)

Prices vary depending on size... I will be getting the sizes needed in the circulars and straights to go with the kits plus 1 or 2 sizes up and down for those who are loose or tight knitters, plus some DPNs for sock knitting...

Typos included!!

Eventually I will have all of these products on the website, but it will take time!

Jaggerspun Specials!!

I can get some really cool yarns from Jaggerspun. Here is a list of different yarns... shipping ranges from $8 to $10.25 for the first 3 lbs of yarn, with an additional $1 or $2 for each additional 3 lbs.

Be sure to email me for information about this yarns. These are not listed on the website because there are varying amounts of each type of yarn... in some cases there are only 5 lbs available and in others there's a lot more available.

1: 8/2's cc (cotton count) at 3,360 YPP This is cotton wool in the color blend burgundy/natural. One end is of 100% wool burgundy and one end of "slub" cotton in natural (the cotton is "bumpy" and looks pretty cool.) This would be $8.50/lb plus shipping

We can get this yarn only if enough of us are interested in 25 pound increments...this doesn't mean that you would have to buy 25 pounds, 25 people could buy just 1 pound... If you're interested, email me and I'll put you on the list and will let you know if I get enough interest to get this yarn.

2: 5/20 Heather yarn: it is 100 % wool and is a 2/8 equivalent making it 2,240 YPP. This yarn has a "weaving twist" (more tightly spun) and is $16/lb plus shipping.

3: 2/46 wool cotton is 12,880 YPP, 55% wool and 45% cotton It is shrink
treated. Color: Natural. $9/lb.

4: 2/20 Wool flax 75% wool, 25% flax color: Natural (may be able to get this in charcoal as well, I'm not sure)... $19/lb.

5: warp yarn in Grey Heather. 675 ypp...$20/lb

6: SWT Lambswool 2/16 desert sand for $30/lb
7: SWT Lambswool 2/2/24 Hazelnut $1.50/lb
8: SWT Lambswool 2/14.2 Hazelnut/cumin for $16.50/lb
9: SWT Lambswool 2/36 in Ecru for $16.50/lb

Girl Talk Felted Hats:

Girl Talk Felted Hats

Hat and Muff

Uptown Tote swatch

Julia's Throw: summer

fall swatch

fall swatch


Info about yarns:

Naturally Naturelle Aran: 10 ply, 100% wool, 186 yds in each 100 gm ball, 5 sts/in with 8 US needle

Naturelle Chunky:14 ply, 100% wool, 131 yds in each 100 gm ball, 3-1/2 sts/inch with 10-1/2 US needle

Naturally Tussock Chunky: 14 ply 85% wool, 15% polyester, 125 yds/100 gm, 3-1/2 sts/inch with 10-1/2 needle

Kertzer's Naturally Tussock: 85% wool, 15% polyester, 3 different weights varying from 125 to 202 yards on 100 gm balls

Mohair Plus: 81% mohair, 11% wool, 8% nylon, 109 yds in each 50 gm bal, 4 sts/in with 9 US needle

Woodland 77% mohair, 14% acrylic, 5% nylon, 4% polyester, 109 yards in each 50 gm ball, 4 sts/in with 9 US needles

Kertzer's Fizz: 100% polyester, 66 yds/50 gm ball, 4-1/2 sts/in on 9 US needles

Kertzer's Multi Fizz: 100% poly 66 yds/50 gm ball, 41/2 sts/inch on 9 US needles

Kertzer's Kitty: 72% viscose, 28% nylon, 251 yards/50 gm ball, 5-1/2 sts/in on 6 US needles

I can get all the above yarns separate from the kits in varying put ups, ask for more info about these.

Posted by Jessica at August 8, 2004 12:02 PM