July 18, 2004

Pre-warped Inkle Looms

When you buy an inkle loom from us, you have the option of choosing a loom already warped, with 2 or 3 inches of weaving started and a loaded shuttle, ready to weave. These are great for new weavers, or people who haven't used an inkle loom before. A pre-warped loom gives you the chance to start weaving when your loom arrives... no need to warp, it's all ready to go...then after you've had some time to weave & get acquainted with the loom and have finished your first project, you can then sit down with the instructions and warp up your own band.

The pre-warped looms also show you how I warp the loom...there ARE other ways, some people will do their heddles differently from the way I do them...so look in other inkle weaving instruction books to see other ways to set up the heddles, etc...also, I use quality mercerized cotton yarn, usually Silk City or UKI.

If you've received a pre-warped inkle from us, I would love to have some feedback on yours:

1: did you have enough weaving yarn to complete your band?
2: did you find having a pre-warped loom helpful?
3: did you like the warp colors?
4: any other thoughts on the pre-warped looms?

I mainly do stripes for these pre-warps: stripes are quick and easy to do.

At the moment, we only have order buttons for the mini-Stick, Little Stick and Bronto looms...if you're ordering a larger loom and would like it pre-warped, don't hesitate to ask!

Left Handed Looms

I'd also like feedback from people who have ordered left handed looms & would like to know if you think having the pegs on the other side makes a difference. Gary is left handed but prefers to use a right handed loom because he's used to it. My 2 youngest sons are left handed, but neither of them have done any inkle weaving, I may ask Gary to fix one up for our almost 7 year old for his birthday and see if that makes a difference or not to him. Our 7 year old is actually a bit ambidextrous: he throws a ball with his right hand... and does other things with his right hand, so he might actually prefer to weave on a right handed loom, who knows! I'll let him try mine and see what happens...

Click here to write to us about your loom, your pre-warp, or musings about the universe!

That's enough for today, folks! Enjoy!

Posted by Jessica at July 18, 2004 01:43 PM