March 28, 2004

Honey, I'm home!

Well, the website has been moved and the URLs switched over from the old website host.

A note: our former host, was great. We didn't move out of dissatisfaction with their service (which was excellent), or their support (also excellent), but because we felt that we needed a different type of hosting package, one that they, alas, don't offer. If we should ever need a hosting package that they sell, they'll certainly be first on my list. Nice bunch of folks.

Though the sites (Tornadowood and Weaving Rainbow) are both up and running on the new host (else you wouldn't be reading this), I can just about guarantee they're both a bit rough around the edges, especially for the Netscape crowd. I'll be spending a bit of time each day chasing bugs in the html for both sites.

Unless this is your first time on Tornadowood, you'll have noted a major alteration in the look and feel of the site. Hope y'all like it, and all input is welcome. Heck, I may even act upon your input! :) Probably most noticeable is the change in the menu, and related issues (no more frames!)... Splitting Jessica's site from mine allowed me to go a different route, though still uses the previous style of menu. It will also allow us both to deck our sites out in colors and designs that we prefer vs. the old website which was, at best, a compromise.

Posted by Gary at March 28, 2004 12:59 AM