March 26, 2004

A New Website on a New Webhost

Over the last few months, I'd been feeling a bit...annoyed...trying to maintain both and as a combined website. Various factors lent themselves to this situation, and the result was that, a short while back, I switched webhosts in favor of a different webhosting plan that would allow us to run both websites side-by-side.

I wasn't dissatisfied with, the previous webhosting company, for they'd been great. The only problem was that they didn't really offer the kind of hosting package that we needed.

A point in the decision was that Jessica and I have very different ideas of how our websites should look. Jess favors bright, bold colors while I'm an old stick in the mud who prefers things a bit more muted. These differences plus other factors meant that the old combined website was like a CBA: neither side was really happy with what they got.

Now, however, I can have the site I want, Jess can have the site she wants, and everyone's happy. We'll still be running things jointly, though.

The move has caused the Gnusletter archives and Rambling Warps weblog archives to go down. I'll be re-installing them over the next few days or weeks (I'm heartily sick of looking at html right now, so it may be a while). Otherwise, things should be pretty much as they were before, layout and style changes excepted.

Posted by Gary at March 26, 2004 04:41 PM