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Notice: 12/2/2005: We're in the process of moving, so we're not making looms right now. If you'd like to reserve a loom or other weaving accessory, please email your request to us by clicking here and we'll let you know when they are available again.

The mini-Stick is especially designed for weaving on the go. At 6-3/4" tall x 10-1/4" long x 3" wide, this is certainly one of the smallest, if not the smallest commercially available inkle loom today. Designed to be carried in a purse, bag or backpack, the mini-Stick is ideal for getting a "weaving fix" at work, school, or on outings. It's great for weaving anywhere that a larger loom would be inconvenient. Jessica uses hers in the car and while laying in bed with the baby (and cats) and in the car (while I'm driving or when she's stuck at the train tracks when a long freight train is going through).

photo by Elaine Benfatto

Don't let it's size fool you, though. Because of it's unique warping pattern, the mini-Stick will take a warp that's 30" x 1-3/4"! It's great for jewelry and trim bands, chokers, bookmarks, shoelaces, etc., or for sampling a pattern prior to weaving on a larger inkle loom. Jessica's so thrilled with her mini-Stick she uses it more than the rest of her looms combined! Made of oak or ash, the mini-Stick Inkle Loom comes complete with instructions and one shuttle. Price is $25 plus shipping, $6 for a prewarped loom.