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Notice: 12/2/2005: We're in the process of moving so we aren't making looms right now... if you'd to reserve a a loom or other weaving accessory, please email your request to us by clicking here.

Tornadowood is proud to introduce the final member of the Hockey Stick Inkle Loom family. Only 7" tall and 11-1/2" long, the Little Stick is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack and portable enough to carry anywhere. It's small size belies its utility, however, as this little loom will carry a 2-1/2" x 60" warp! Imagine, being able to weave a belt, guitar strap, etc., on the bus, in the doctor's office, at lunch. The Little Stick has the same copyrighted warp pattern as the Big Stick Inkle Loom, yet shares almost the same footprint as the mini-Stick loom. It's constructed of U.S. grown hardwood (ash or red oak), hand-sanded and finished with hand-rubbed linseed oil. Each Little Stick comes complete with one shuttle and instructions and costs $35. Pre-warped looms are $6.50 for a short warp and $7.50 for a long warp.

(Kittens not included.)

We will be making this loom in special woods from time to time. Keep an eye on Tornadowood Gnus for information about these!

We are also offering to pre-warp your loom. This is a good option for beginners to jump in and start weaving immediately before settling down to the business of warping & heddle making. A pre-warped Little Stick inkle loom comes with 19 strands of 100% cotton yarn in red, white & blue stripes with a gold-yellow or silver-grey or white or black edge, and 10 waxed linen heddles. This will make a narrow warp that will give you a 3/8" band. If you're interested in other color combinations besides red, white and blue, please email us. The wide band comes with 30 strands/15 heddles, and will make a band of approx. 9/16" wide.