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This is a small list of loom and weaving-related email discussion groups.  This list is by no means complete, merely a sampling of those we find useful (or entertaining).  Oriented toward card-weaving (tablet-weaving), this list is run by members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Non-SCA folks are welcome, too. Keep an eye on this one for hot deals in the fiber arts!  This list is run by Jessica.
A must for any inkle weaver, offers tips, how to's, insights and info on all aspects of inkle weaving. is run by Elaine Benfatto, a diehard weaver who loves to explore arcane weaving techniques. Her site is a treasure trove of info!
Located in Elgin, TX, Suzanne runs Fireant Ranch, a spinning and weaving shop that carries looms (including ours!), fiber, spinning wheels, spindles and other goodies. The name of the shop is typical Texan: laughing at the slings and arrows, much like the name Tornadowood.
Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio is home of the Sprigg's Adjustable Triangle Loom.  Jessica owns one of these and is in love with it.  Carol also carries other weaving & spinning goodies.
Hazel Rose Looms specializes in square looms.  These aren't potholder looms, but larger looms suitable for making blankets, etc, utilizing a weaving technique similar to that used with triangle looms.  Great folk!  Jess has some of these looms.
Janet Lynn's The Wheel Thing carries a great selection of spinning wheels, spinning tools, weaving equipment and other fiber-related items.  Nice folks!
The Weaver's Hand is a links page oriented toward card weaving, ply-splitting and Kumihimo, but has links for other items of interest, too.  Lot's of info here!

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