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Notice: 12/2/2005: We're in the process of moving, so we're not making looms right now...if you'd like to reserve a loom or other weaving accessory, please email your request to us by clicking here.

The Hockey Stick Inkle Loom, like its bigger sibling the Big Stick Inkle Loom, uses a unique warp path to pack the maximum warp length into a small package. At 18.5" long x 11.25" tall x 7.5" wide, the Hockey Stick Inkle Loom carries a warp up to 96" x 5"! This is the same length warp as the most common tabletop inkle, but a full inch wider, yet the Hockey Stick Inkle Loom itself is 12" shorter than the other inkle loom! Constructed of fine oak, the Hockey Stick sports a hand-rubbed oil finish (the other loom comes unfinished). Its rakish lines accentuate the fine wood and warp lines, making this a loom that's as pretty as it is functional. The extra long tensioner is rounded for comfort when adjusting tension, and rides in a very long tensioning slot, giving enough adjustment for even the most demanding of tasks.

Adding icing to the cake, the Hockey Stick Inkle Loom is great for cardweaving, too, without having to remove any pegs! All this, in a package that's small enough to fit on your lap. We at Tornadowood honestly feel that the Hockey Stick Inkle Loom is second only to the Big Stick Inkle Loom as the finest tabletop inkle on the market today. Each Hockey Stick Inkle Loom comes complete with illustrated instructions and a hand-crafted shuttle. Note: The Hockey Stick Inkle, like all our inkle looms, is also available in a left-handed model
Cost is $55.00 plus shipping and handling