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These looms are no longer being made, but if you'd like one, please email us by clicking here.

Bringing the fun back into functional, the new BrontoLoom is eye-catching, yet practical. At 16" long x 8-1/4" tall x 5-1/2" wide, the BrontoLoom packs a lot into a small package, handling a 58" x 3" unwoven warp with ease. Made of furniture grade plywood, hardwood dowels, with an oak base, the BrontoLoom is sturdy and sure to attract comments. Comes with instructions and shuttle.
Use the BrontoLoom to make belts, bracelets, borders, suspenders, bookmarks, and straps. Like all Tornadowood looms, the BrontoLoom has an environmentally friendly finish. It comes complete with instructions and one shuttle. NOTE: The BrontoLoom is available in both right AND left handed versions. As a lefty, I know how hard it is to weave with an inkle intended for right-handed people.

Tornadowood's BrontoLoom Inkle Loom