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Notice: 12/2/2005: We're in the process of moving, so we won't be making looms for a while... Email us to let us know what you would like to get & we'll reserve a loom or other weaving accessories for you... apologies for the inconvenience. Email us at clicking here.

One evening, I was indulging in one of my passions: watching the Dallas Stars play hockey, while Jessica was weaving on her BrontoLoom. During a break in the action, I was watching the players on the bench with one eye, while watching her weave with the other. Inspiration struck. Why not make an inkle loom that's shaped like a hockey stick? Thus was born the Hockey Stick looms. Don't let the name fool you: these are serious looms!

We at Tornadowood feel that the Big Stick and Hockey Stick Inkle Looms are quite simply the finest tabletop inkle looms made today. Unique in design, they are both functional and aesthetic.
What makes these looms that much better? Here's why:
1. Only select woods are used.* The rakish lines complement the lines of the warp and accent the quality wood. This means that every loom is something that can be appreciated as a fine example of the artisan's craft as well as being a very user-friendly loom. You'll be as proud to display your loom as you will the work upon it.
2. These looms are extremely efficient in design. Compared to most tabletop inkles, which are 30-40" in length, the Big Stick is only 26" long and 10" high (66 cm by 25 cm), yet it will accept a warp of up to 12 feet (3.66 meters). This is longer than many floor inkles!. Because of its unique design, the Big Stick allows the weaver to use more of the warp, resulting in less wastage. Where many inkles run out of weaving room with 14-16" of warp remaining, the Big Stick can be woven to within 8".
3. The Big Stick is designed with ergonomics in mind. For example, the shed triangle on the Big Stick is longer than most other tabletop inkles', despite it being a shorter loom. This means you have to advance the
warp less frequently. The tensioner is extra long, to give the user a better grip when pulling tension, and has rounded corners for comfort. It also has an alignment peg to keep it straight in the tensioning slot. The tensioning slot is extra long, allowing for a full 26" take up. Because of the relatively few number of pegs (thus less friction) and the long warp runs between pegs, advancing the warp on these looms is very easy.

NOTE: Big Sticks are available in Right AND Left-Handed models.

4. Because of the extra-long shed angle and overall design, the Big Stick is also an excellent card-weaving loom. As an added feature, unlike many other tabletop inkles, it's not necessary to remove any pegs when using the Big Stick for card-weaving. In fact, you can use the heddle peg as an extra warping peg for another 16" of warp!

Excepting quartersawn oak, all Big Sticks will be finished with hand- rubbed linseed oil. The oak looms will be given a special wax finish that highlights the tiger-stripe grain. Each Big Stick comes with one hand-crafted shuttle (of the same wood) and instructions. In-stock looms will be shipped immediately. Non-stocked looms will be shipped in 3-6 weeks. If ordered with a loom, extra shuttles will be of the same wood, otherwise they will be of Oak or Walnut.

Specialty finishes available at extra cost. Specialty woods (rosewood, cocobolo, bubinga, etc.) are also available as a special order. In particular, we recommend mesquite. Email for prices. *Stock on hand will vary, depending on availability of choice woods.

We currently have a reliable supplier for mesquite wood. It is $15 more for mesquite & we have added a button so that you can get this beautiful wood for your loom if you wish!

Looms are not always in stock: please email for availability & time estimates before placing your orders! Thanks!

$90 for Quartersawn Oak, $110 for Mesquite PLUS Shipping & Handling